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I don’t know whether it’ s because I saw Mamma Mia again the other day or just thoughts of upcomming holiday but I am having a serious Greek thing going on.I am finding it hard to imagine how I can turn a georgian west country room into a light filled Greek Island haven!Here are some gorgeous pictures to inspire my efforts!interior

 That amazing turquoise and white is just what I want though I’m sure

it won’t look the same in English light.




This fabric by Josef Frank is also one of my inspirations it has such a summery feeling about it.



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I am totally amazed and in love with these beautiful paper sculptures by dutch artist Ferry Staverman.

Even the fact that cleaning them would be hellish doesn’t stop me from wanting not one but a group of them.They are  truly magical and I can’t imagine how they are done or how much patience is needed to make them!

Look at the website to see more amazing pictures.


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