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I am feeling terribly guilty at my total lack of posting over the weeks since christmas.

I think I have been so busy designing new pieces that I just didn’t have time to talk about them!!!

Well finally I have something to show for all that work – A new print  of  the gorgeous swan chair by Arne Jacobsen.

Not only do I want the chair I am also really pleased with how the print has turned out and have made space on my wall for one already.The cute cuckoo clock finishes it off really well I think and combines two of my wants in one picture!

It is a slight departure from the previous chair prints as it is bigger and also is a two colour print!

It comes in a lovely cornflower blue with a chocolate brown cushion or a striking olive/chartreuse green (which doesn’t look quite as lovely in this picture!!)  with a smart navy blue cushion .You can buy them here along with all the other prints.



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