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As we have just taken possesion of a gorgeous early 60’s G Plan dining table and chairs I thought I should get some suitably lovely retro tablemats to keep it looking its best. It was impossible to find any I liked so I designed and printed these cork mats! I remembeer having cork tablemats when I was small so I thought they had a suitably retro feel.

Think I may have to do some for my shop!!???


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These adorable pictures are of my friend Emmas little boy Zac.

I borrowed him to take a few quick pictures of my new t shirt designs.I think it was the quickest set of photographs I have ever taken of my  work ! Two year olds are definately not patient models!!

I will be listing these organic t shirts invarious sizes and colours in  my Etsy shop over the next week or so to see how they do.

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This is the sight that greeted me when I opened my door this morning ….. it is well and truely Spring time.

I even have doves nesting in my magnolia tree!

I have spent most of the day spring cleaning so I’m feeling very organised and pleased with myself…I even managed to bake these cute rose water flavoured cup cakes!

I will post in the next couple of days with a very cute addition to my shop!

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I am a very very very excited person!!!!!!

I have long been a huge admirer and an avid reader of design sponge and here I am being featured by them this morning!!!! Thank you so much Grace for posting about Treasury.

If you have never checked it out then do it right now! …if design is you thing i am sure you will find it addictive and daily reading.

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I think it must be that  Spring is very definately  in the air because I find myself a bit obsessed with feathering my nest at the moment!

I have had these beautiful pictures on my computer for a while now.They are from Les Indiennes an American textile company started by Mary Mulcahy in 2002.Each fabric is beautifully hand printed with Ayurvedic dyes from plants,roots,the earth and rocks.

As well as these gorgeous earth tones there are ranges in reds,blacks,greys and indigo.

I still have a desire to do something with Paisleys and block printing.I have some old Indian printing blocks from my art college days and think some prints would be lovely on my bedroom wall and if successful a few to sell too.

If anyone knows where I can get these sorts of prints without needing to re-mortgage then I would love to know…my bed is crying out !!

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After many technical hitches due to my lack of computer know how i finally have an Etsy shop!

It is something I have had on my to do  list for months and after hours of keyboard bashing I have actually managed it.

admitedly I only have two items forsale but will add more over the coming weeks.

I have even managed a few new product shots!


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I have been meaning to post for a while now on the brilliant online boutique To Dry For

Started by husband and wife team Sally and Dave a couple of years ago it is a treasure trove  of cool and contemporary designer teatowels.

They sell  both of my tea towels so it may seem silly to go ahead and tell you about all the other wonderful designs they stock!!

 They gave me my first wholesale order and I remember how exciting it was, especially as they only had lovely things to say!It was great to have my designs being sold along side work I had been drooling over for so long.


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